Body Politics_Porn Me

Recently, social distance is imposed, and physical contact is under supervision. ‘Body Politics_Porn Me’ proposes an alternative voyeuristic reading on contact. Α video that demonstrates the body as it is, naked. The camera captures the relations of two bodies as they play games of dominance and submission. The body loses its solid identity and is discovered as a fluid site of communication. An on-site investigation of acts of dialogue, attention and registration of the body is taking place on screen. Visual narratives reclaim the human touch and intercourse for the corporeal practices of pleasure and desire.

Foucault says that the body is ‘directly involved in a political field’, that power relations ‘have an immediate hold upon it; they invest it, mark it, train it, torture it, force it to carry out tasks, to perform ceremonies, to emit signs’ (Foucault 1995: 25).

November 2021_Freiraum Festival & Online Summit (online & in 20 cities around Europe)

Idea-Direction: Angelos Papadopoulos
Editing-Camera: Christiana Chiranagnostaki
Interpretation: Fotis Haronis, Thanos Ragousis

Special thanks to ECATI.