Omonia Installation

This video is the audiovisual material of the installation Omonia (work-in-progress). In order to enhance your experience you should:
Turn off the lights.
Sit comfortably.
Increase the brightness of your screen.
Wear headphones.
Put your phone on airplane mode.

Omonia means concord: the agreement or harmony between people or groups, the agreement between words in gender, number, case and person.
The Omonia Square is the oldest and most significant square of Athens. Omonia as a space of public discussion is a dynamic environment which might differ for each person.
The edit of the video is composed based on the idea of the video being projected on the ceiling of a space where the audience lies down in a comfortable position and listens to the soundscape through headphones.

Connect for Creativity

As part of the Connect for Creativity program, Art and Technology residencies are gathering artists and creators from Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece and Serbia to explore the uses of creative technology, build bridges and empathy between communities beyond geographical boundaries.

The resident artists will develop their works in response to the curatorial statement created by the program’s curatorial team, through their own perspective and practice. The final works will be showcased at each residency location at the end of the program for two weeks. Also, as part of the Connect for Creativity project, an exhibition is to take place between 12 March and 19 April 2020 at Furtherfield. Selected works from the resident artists and designers will get the chance to be featured in a final exhibition in London.

Connect for Creativity is an 18-month project led by the British Council, in partnership with Abdullah Gül University in Turkey and three creative hubs – ATOLYE in Turkey, Bios in Greece, Nova Iskra in Serbia. The project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, through the Intercultural Dialogue programme.

Co-creation with Irini Kalaitzidi (Visuals), Aliki Leftherioti (Sound design) and the actors Nikos Kouris and Elsa Siskou

Scientific associates: Gorcem Acaroglu/ interdisciplinary performance maker-theatre director, Ruth Catlow/ curator, Dr. Charlotte Frost/ digital artist, Chryssa Vlachopoulou/ project manager, Angela Mirasi/ ΝΤUA architect, Thanos Ragousis/ ΝΤUA architect, Spyros Charalampidis/ lawyer, Stefanos Levidis/ Field Researcher and Coordinator, Forensic Architecture Goldsmiths, University of London, Phevos Kororos – Simeonidis/ MA Research Architecture Goldsmiths, London

Interview about Omonia on Lifo, online newspaper (Greek):