the gravity in between

In a world that human touch is not allowed how two bodies manage to communicate through gaze, body and voice?

‘The gravity in between’ is about two beings, one moment of their meeting and many attempts of trying to repeat that moment.

The main axis of ‘the gravity in between’ is a vanishing point that lasts about 15 seconds. In this reference point there is a pause -time stops or loses its realistic math dimension. Time dilates. The choreographic score is the trajectory of the two bodies before and after this vanishing point: when they don’t tend toward each other and when they have infinitesimal distance between them.


In September 2021, ‘the gravity in between’ will be part of Tanzahoi International Dance & Dance Film Festival, Hamburg.

Cast & Crew_

Choreographer_Director: Angelos Papadopoulos
Original Music Composition: Murmel
Interpretation_Co-creation: Danae Pazirgiannidi, Angelos Papadopoulos