Born in Athens (1991) Angelos Papadopoulos is a dance artist and director who knows nothing about the camera. Studied economics at the Athens University of Economics & Business and dance at the National School of Dance (Athens) and the Greek National Opera Dance School. Honored with Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellow 2020-21 and Onassis Stegi Cultural Center to attend Camping Festival 2021, Centre National de la Danse, Paris.

Thanks to Artworks Fellowship she attends theory seminars at the New Centre for Research & Practice (Michigan, U.S.A), the Columbia University (New York, U.S.A) & Thessaly University. They have taken workshops with Bijoux de Kant (theater), Femke Gyselinck (Rosas), Guy Shomroni (Gaga), cie Ioannis Mandafounis (ballet) and others. Some of the residencies he has participated are Connect for Creativity, Art and Technology (Greece, UK, Serbia, Turkey), P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium), Sudufer Tanznetz Freiburg (Germany), Breaking Art (Greece). She is part of the ongoing improvisation research program Improject led by Sofia Mavragani. He has collaborated with the marketing department of the Kalamata Dance Festival (2018, 2019).

In his own work, her way of creating is based on collaborations between themself and other artists. These collaborations lead to important encounters where both artists are engaged with a strong responsibility for the development of diverse performances.

They are particularly interested in identity. Currently, she likes to play physically and verbally with the concepts of the mainstream and the constructed-constructive idea of time. He tries to find their balance through diverse performances. She hasn’t found yet how to express what he does for a living and they really enjoy that. Her performances have been shared in Greece and Spain. His short films have been screened in France, Georgia, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, South America, U.S.A. and Spain.

While working on their projects he also collaborated as a performer with various directors and choreographers including: John Fulljames & Maxine Joanna Braham (Göteborg Opera, Greek National Opera, Royal Danish Opera), Spyros Kouvaras (Roes Theater), Christos Papadopoulos (Greek Festival), Thomas Moschopoulos (Greek National Opera), Rootless Root (Hellenic Dance Company) and others.


  • 2018_National School of Dance (Greece), BA in Dance Pedagogy & Choreography

  • 2013-2014_Greek National Opera School of Dance, 1st year studies

  • 2012_Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Economics

.Scholarship_Artist Fellowship Program 2020-21, Stavros Niarchos Foundation


  • Physical:
    _Sofia Mavragani (improvisation), Bijoux de Kant (theater performance), Stavroula Siamou, Lucia Thibault, Lali Ayguadé, Fransisco Córdova, Manuel Ronda (dance & acting), Femke Gyselinck (Rosas), Ιan Garside (physical theater), Maya M. Carroll (the Instrument technique), Peter Jasko (improvisation), Erdivaldo Ernesto (improvisation), Linda Kapetanea, Jozef Frucek, Euripides Laskaridis (choreography), Marianna Kavallieratos (choreography), Iris Karayan (choreography), Guy Shomroni (Gaga technique), Ioannis Mandafounis (ballet) and others.

  • Theory:

    _Artworks Dance Talks Bojana Kunst, Eleanor Bauer

    _Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative Columbia University (New York, U.S.A) & University of Thessaly (Greece) ‘Extra-Terrestrail Ethnographies of the Future-Present’ with George Mantzios (University of Toronto/ Pelion Summer Lab for Cultural Theory and Experimental Humanities), Alexandra Siotou (University of Thessaly/ Anthrobombing), Penelope Papailias (University of Thessaly/ Greek Future Archive of Socialities Under Quarantine), Panayiota Theofilatou & Tassos Papaioannou (The Athens Zine Bibliotheque).Collaborative_Writing&ZineWorkshop

    _The New Centre for Research & Practice (Michigan, U.S.A)
    ’The Nature of the Subject & the Subject of the Nature’ with Daniel Sacilotto.Philosophy_Program
    ‘The Commons = X, Inventing the Non-Given Commons’ with Anne-Francoise Schmid & Joevenn Neo and Tony Yanick.Philosophy_Program
    ‘On Sound: Unsound’ with Jacob Eriksen.Art_&CuratorialProgram
    ‘Night, Movements of the After Dark’ with Jason Mohaghegh.Transdisciplinary_Program
    ‘Neomadness, studies of Dreams and Derangement’ with Jason Mohaghegh.Transdisciplinary_Program
    ‘Politics by Internet, the Rise of Syriza’ with Korinna Patelis.Transdisciplinary_Program
    ‘Thinking Between Worlds and Forms of Life; on Orientations of Thought and their Consequences’ with J.P. Caron.Philosophy_Program
    ‘Capital & Power’ with Colin Drumm.Art_Program

    _Mapa Teatro Artists Laboratory (Colombia) .Theater_Theory

.Upcoming projects on hold due to the pandemic_

  • 2021_’S.He More than the other’, Future Now Festival, Onassis Stegi.Interactive_Performance

  • 2021_’S.He More than the other- Home Edition’ In Progress Feedback Festival, Kinitiras Artistic Network for Performing Arts, Athens.Interactive_Performance

  • 2021_’subject of interest; the short films’, HackAthens Edition, Onassis Stegi.Short_Film

  • 2021_’subject of interest is the boy from wherever;’, Act International Festival for Emerging Performing Arts, Bilbao

.Upcoming residencies

  • 2021_Zaratan Artist in Residency, Lisbon

  • 2021_Dance Limerick Studio, Limerick


  • 2020_’subject of interest is the boy from wherever;’
    Choreography participated in Act International Festival for Emerging Performing Arts, Bilbao

  • 2019_’Don’t be afraid of the beauty’
    Choreography presented at Megaron- the Athens Concert Hall, Athens


  • 2019-2020_‘S.He videos’
    Series of online, homemade, pop, queer, P.D.O. video clips of aesthetic activism and Greek social ills


  • 2019_’Omonia’
    Interdisciplinary installation presented at Bios Romantso, Athens


  • 2021_’Love Letter to Maria’
    Short film created for the Extra-terrestrial Ethnographies of the Future-Present Collaborative Writing & Zine workshop by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI) at Columbia University in collaboration with the University of Thessaly research project Greek Future Archive of Socialities Under Quarantine, the Anthrobombing platform and The Athens Zine Bibliotheque.

  • 2020_’The Absence’

  • 2019_’Gender Production Line’
    Dance film screened in the following festivals.

    _September- October 2020 Quinzena de Danca de Almada – International Dance Festival, Portugal
    _July 2020 Dance Days Chania Festival, Greece
    _May 2020 Video Art Miden Festival, Kalamata Greece
    _January 2020 Athens Video Dance Project, Greece
    _December 2019 lMARP – Mostra Internacional de Danca, São Paulo Brazil
    _Οctober 2019 International Meeting on Videodance & Videoperformance, Valencia Spain

  • 2018_’The Stages’
    Dance film screened in the following festivals and has been subject of discussion in the frame of the formation – lab « Mener un projet artistique et interdisciplinaire à l’école. A la croisée de la danse et du cinéma: la vidéo-danse, Mayenne Culture, Laval, France October 2019


    _September 2020 Tanzahoi International Dance & Dancefilm Festival 2nd Most Voted Film, Hamburg, Germany
    _December 2019 Mostra Internacional de Dança – Imagens em Movimento, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
    _May- November 2019 Agite y Sirva Screendance Touring Festival, Mexico
    _October 2019 Chania Film Festival, Greece
    _January 2019 Athens Video Dance Project, Greece
    _September 2018 Psarokokalo Athens International Short Film Festival, Greece

  • 2018_’καρεκλώσου or don’t sit down cause I moved your chair’
    Dance film screened in the following festival.

    _January 2019 Athens Video Dance Project, Greece


  • 2020_’Don Giovanni Opera – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’ by director John Fulljames and choreographer Maxine Joanna Braham, Greek National Opera with the Göteborg Opera (Sweden) and the Royal Danish Opera

  • 2020_‘SISS…PHUSS: while you carry time our bodies hold history’ by Synthesis 748 Dance Company/ Spyros Kouvaras, Roes Theater

  • 2019_‘Growing! Exercise 27’ by Christos Papadopoulos, Greek Festival

  • 2018_‘Manon the Jules Massenet opera’ by director Thomas Moschopoulos, Greek National Opera

  • 2018_‘Free Fall’ by Compañía Sharon Fridman, Kalamata Dance Festival


  • 2019_‘Possessed The Great Inquisitor’ a theater adaptation by Constantine Hatzis with Lydia Koniordou, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation – Experimental Stage


  • 2020_Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens

  • 2019_imPROject #2 workshop/ residency with Sofia Mavragani, Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens

  • 2019_Connect for Creativity, Art and Technology Residency Programme co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey through the Intercultural Dialogue program that is led by Yunus Emre Institute, Athens, Belgrade, and Istanbul

  • 2019_P.A.R.T.S/ Summer Studios Residency, Brussels

  • 2019_Artistic Development Program #2 mentored by Monica Gillete & Romain Guion, Südufer Tanznetz, Freiburg

  • 2019_Breaking Art II workshop/ residency for young Choreographers and Composers curated by Sofia Mavragani & Thanos Polimeneas-Liontiris, Megaron- the Athens Concert Hall

  • 2018_imPROject workshop/ residency with Sofia Mavragani, Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens


  • ‘Rhythm & Motion’ Dancing School

  • ‘Omikron 3’ artspace

.Social media marketing and content manager_

  • Kalamata Dance Festival 2018, 2019